Choco Tacos

27 Jun

Aside from big hats, piñatas and Salma Hayek’s cleavage, tacos (and burritos) are undoubtedly the best thing to ever come from Mexico, and while an ordinary taco is already pretty rad, a taco made out of ice cream is just fucking amazing. It’s like a gun made out of swords, or a Tyrannosaurus Rex made out of Choco Tacos.

While Choco Tacos are not the holy grail of ice cream snacks by any means, they are still delicious and I’ve been craving one ever since last week’s heat spike. Unfortunately for me, the local ice cream dealers don’t carry Choco Tacos as did the trucks of my childhood, so unless I walk a few miles to Safeway, I’m shit out of luck.

But oh, just thinking about that crunchy chocolate shell and the smooth vanilla…actually, nevermind.
I’m not craving Choco Tacos anymore. Now I’m craving one of those badass wrestler bars I used to get as a boy.

Those things were great, unless you got Kurt Angle or some other shitty wrestler nobody cares about. As long as you got “Macho Man” Randy Savage or the Undertaker etc, the wrestler bars were the best thing in the world.
-Also those Ninja Turtle/Super Mario heads with the gumballs for eyes…dammit. Why can’t my local ice cream dealers get any of the good shit!?


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